Winners of the Best Children's Audiobooks 2010

标题: Winners of the Best Children's Audiobooks 2010
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Winners of the Best Children's Audiobooks 2010

Winners of the Best Children's Audiobooks 2010 資料來源: 這是去年6月公布的一份票選名單,不是正式的獎項,僅供參考。 Top 20 Recorded Books Children’s Audiobooks (Titles included in the Grand Prize Giveaway are italicized) The Bears on Hemlock Mountain – Narrated by John McDonough Blackbringer – Narrated by Davina Porter Bridge to Terabithia – Narrated by Tom Stechschulte City of Bones – Narrated by Ari Graynor Clementine – Narrated by Jessica Almasy Dragon Rider – Narrated by Brendan Fraser Flight #116 Is Down – Narrated by George Guidall – “This put me on the edge of my seat! I was literally breathless through some parts.”—Maggi (Mama Librarian) Island of the Blue Dolphins – Narrated by Christina Moore No Talking – Narrated by Keith Nobbs Poppy – Narrated by John McDonough Rules – Narrated by Jessica Almasy A Series of Unfortunate Events (series) – Narrated by Lemony Snicket and Tim Curry Stuck in Neutral – Narrated by Johnny Heller – “The audiobook gives voice to the voiceless Shawn.”—Lee Catalano The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – Narrated by Sherman Alexie – “The “Rez” accent is not essential to appreciate this adolescent chronicle of straddling two worlds, but is sure doesn’t hurt.”—DaNae The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Narrated by Jeff Woodman Good Masters, Sweet Ladies – Narrated by a full cast – “Sure I’d read the book before it won the big award, and sure I was mighty impressed with Schlitz’s skill with words. But hearing it how it was meant to be heard, moved it from a grand award-winner to pure genius.”—DaNae The Graveyard Book – Narrated by Neil Gaiman – “I’m not sure if a children’s book should sound this sexy, but I will happily take my ghost stories with this kind of verbal velvet.”—DaNae The Last Apprentice (series) – Narrated by Christopher Evan Welch – “Even though Christopher Evan Welch isn’t British, he skillfully creates some scary times out in the English countryside.”—Lee Catalano The Ranger’s Apprentice – Narrated by John Keating The Whipping Boy – Narrated by Spike McClure Top 20 Children’s Audiobooks (Starred titles are Recorded Books-produced titles) Bridge to Terabithia* – Narrated by Tom Stechschulte Charlotte’s Web – Narrated by E.B. White – “I can just imagine Mr. White telling the story to a group of kids. His voice takes the listener right into that intimate circle.”—Katrina Johnson Good Masters, Sweet Ladies* – Narrated by a full cast The Harry Potter Series – Narrated by Jim Dale Hatchet – Narrated by Peter Coyote Beverly Cleary’s books narrated by Neil Patrick Harris Holes – Narrated by Kerry Beyer The Inkheart Trilogy (series) – Narrated by Brendan Fraser – “I understand why Brendan Fraser was cast as Mo in the movie, he has got a great reading voice.”—Jana Warnell Maniac Magee – Narrated by S. Epatha Merkeson Rules – Narrated by Jessica Almasy Saffy’s Angel – Narrated by Julia Sawatha A Series of Unfortunate Events* (series) – Narrated by Lemony Snicket and Tim Curry Stargirl – Narrated by Mandy Siegfried The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian* – Narrated by Sherman Alexie The Giver – Narrated by Ron Rifkin The Golden Compass – Narrated by the Author and a Full Cast The Last Apprentice* (series) – Narrated by Christopher Evan Welch The Lightning Thief – Narrated by Jesse Bernstein Where the Red Fern Grows – Narrated by Anthony Heald – “I listened to this with my sons and they loved the story. Anthony Heald did a great job, but I am still more fond of my fourth grade teacher’s narration (good memories).”—Jana Warnell Year Down Yonder - Narrated by Lois Smith – “I don’t know who this Lois Smith is, but in my world she will have closet full of Lane Bryant dresses and a passel of shenanigans up her sleeve that would do Grandma Dowdle proud.”—DaNae [ 本帖最后由 shouchi 于 2011-11-25 23:12 编辑 ]

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yenrei 2011-11-27 15:29 威望 +2 好多儿教都有了,真棒
yenrei 2011-11-27 15:29 金钱 +2 好多儿教都有了,真棒
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